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Welfare Grants Available

There are grants available to all FEPOWs, Wives (including long term partners) and Widows.

Please contact our Welfare Officer, Mrs Margaret Martin via this web site or to our email address

Many of our ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ think they are helping others by not claiming – but please note that this is NOT charity, it is not a question of giving the funds to others who are worse off. It isn't a pot of money that can be evenly shared out; if the monies are not paid out for a period of 12 months, then it is assumed there is nobody eligible, so the fund will close and no-one will receive a share. So it is important that claims are made because only then does the fund keep going. It was originally organised by FEPOWs for FEPOWs and is currently held for us by the Royal British Legion, paid out to applicants by The Java FEPOW Club 1942.

Non-means tested grants available to all FEPOWs, wives & widows

Hospital Grants

The qualifying claimants are all eligible for payments (for Personal Needs) of £5 per day when they go into hospital initially for 3 days, then after that even for 1 day.

Grants for Nursing and Care Homes, Sheltered Accomodation, Respite Care and for those who have Carers at Home

Claimants are eligible for maximum payment of £50 per month (for Personal Needs) if they have to go into a Nursing or Care Home, or for Respite Care and for those clients who are able to stay in their own homes because they have the aid of professional carers. This payment is now also available for those in sheltered housing.

Reunion Attendance Grants

There is a grant available for attending one reunion per year at £25 per night up to 3 nights for each of FEPOW and wife, or widow, and Carers, plus up to £50 towards travel.

Grants available to all FEPOWs, wives and widows with less than £30,000 Savings

Claimants are permitted total savings of £30,000, including the ex-gratia payment of £10,000 but excluding the value of their own home.

Mobility Aids or Adaption of the home

If claimants need such items as wheelchairs, stair lifts or adaption of homes to make them more accessible, such as a “wet room” we may be able to help with these, but it cannot be retrospective, so applications must be made before purchase. Any reasonable expenses may be covered under this category, please contact us for more details.

Travel costs for hospital appointments and visits

We can also assist with travel costs for the Qualifying person or their dependents in attending hospital for treatment or examination or in visiting a spouse in a hospital or care home.

We are proud to work alongside other Welfare Groups and Charities such as The Royal British Legion, The Service Personnel & Veteran’s Agency, Blind Veterans UK, The Not Forgotten Association and SSAFA. Please contact Margaret or follow the links on the Useful links page